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EBE is a leading Egyptian company in different sectors of modern technologies.
Data and voice Communications:
was the first interest for us, We have a lot of successes stories in that field, whichever your company requirements from small to enterprise solutions with different technologies cupper, fibber, WI Max , microwave you will find our experts helping you design ,implement , and maintain your valuable communication structure.
Bank's Card issuing Centers:
we considered the first company that introduced up-to-date solutions to our customers helping them to improve their work, stand by them step by step, from the simple one machine solutions to the very complicated systems that having a lot of sophisticated machines.
Offering a dedicated expert maintenance team makes us the most trusted and reliable company in that field.
POS and ATM:
to complete our duty against our customers at banking sector, we had highly trained an expert teams helping in installation and maintaining the POS and ATM machines.
Our expert team is spreading allover Egypt from Alexandria to Aswan and our target is to reach any customer, need our attention, at Cairo's zone in half an hour and allover Egypt in one and half our maximum.
Computer networks:
from the beginning we was here, depending on the most famous brand name in that fields we are building the most reliable computer networks to our customers, designing and installing the network infrastructure with many type of typologies and technology, providing our customer with the award winning equipments in the fields of WAN optimization and network security UTM appliance.
Security Systems:
because we know how important to our customers to secure themselves and their companies from any security hazards, we had established a dedicated department specialized in providing our customers with the latest systems in that fields, helping them securing their company's buildings and assets .
We have unique solutions, helping you connecting your employees in all your branches in one big communication network that makes the workflow easier. We also unique in providing you with all the necessary tools to build configure and maintain your Hybrid PBX.
We provide you with the latest solutions, helping you securing, tracking, managing your work staff and your valuable assets on real time.
Based on the most reliable equipments on the market, Passive or Active, we build your solution that helps you improve your work in affordable prices. We also help our customers to learn about RFID and to get a RFID certification
Smart Card:
whichever your scope of work is, if you are a system integration company that builds its solutions based on smart card technology or an end user we can supply you with the necessary tools and products that let you build your solutions.
Contact and contactless card readers and encoders with finger print readers and keypad or without are all available.
SMS Notification System:
Be in touch with your customers all the time with the cheapest prices, with our SMS Notification System you will be able to notify your customer with your latest news and services, banks can use our system to notify their customers about the transactions that going on their accounts instantly .
whether your scope of work is, school – university – broker-….or else, we are able to customize the system to meets your business requirements.
Card Issuing Bureau:
if you are an issuer for the ID cards, we had established a card issuing bureau helping you to personalize your cards however your needs are we will cover it.