EBE is PAX's Partner, it's probably the fastest growing POS manufacturer in the world and today positioned as a major global player, with worldwide sales. 



Food Ticketing Tasty Business

PAX has secured contracts in Egypt, Turkey and India for the deployment of mobile wireless POS terminals to be used for lunch ticketing and food voucher programs.

Food Ticketing

Many tens of thousands of PAX's dual-SIM GPRS terminals are now being deployed in partnership between local PAX payments system integrator EBE and the Egyptian government, to assist with the distribution of bread and food subsidies. Following on PAX India's success in partnering with French multinational Sodexo for the deployment of POS devices in an innovative terminal-sharing agreement, PAX partner Derpos in Turkey has secured agreements with more meal ticketing organizations.

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Top 3 Payment Terminal Suppliers


Word on the street
 has it that PAX and Ingenico continue to grow while VeriFone continues to crumble.

Talk to any customer anywhere in the world and this seems to be the consensus. Choosing a terminal

supplier is a big investment decision, and smart decision makers think as their CEO would, analysing 

supplier performance on a global scale. The graph below offers a comparative markets snapshot of how

they are faring. Judge for yourself!

PAX vs ING vs VF





















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