POS Services

Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale (EFTPOS) revolutionized the way people use debit and credit cards to make purchases all over the world.

Fast, convenient and easy to use, EFTPOS terminals are very popular with consumers worldwide. In the medium to long term, we see EFTPOS as the preferred payment instrument for many retail transactions in Egypt.


Installing EFTPOS at the merchants' locations will enable them to accept the full range of magnetic stripe, chip-based domestic, international card scheme and card products.
This could include debit, credit and pre-authorized. It will also enable them to process their associated acceptance procedures electronically, including off- and on-line authorizations and PIN validation as required.

EBE has highly trained expert teams help in installation and maintaining the POS. Our expert team is spreading all over Egypt from Alexandria to Aswan and our target is to reach any customer need our attention at Cairo’s zone in half an hour and allover Egypt in one and half our maximum.

EBE intends to provide a POS field service that is capable and efficient to perform all the following activities:
• POS Preparations
• POS Testing/ Installation
• Merchant Support (1st Line)
• Merchant Training
• Consumable and Supplies Management
• Merchant Decaling
• Relationship Management ( Scheduled Visits)
• Terminal withdrawal
• Merchant questionnaires

EBE also provide the following applications:
• POS Inventory Application.
• POS Ticketing Application.
• Call Management System.

The First Two applications are management applications built on our experience in POS field service management.
It increases the efficiency and improve our staff response time helping in fast POS Tracking and easy inventory management.
Rich of feature, fully customizable and built & designed by our professional staff; all of these reasons make it suitable for our work environment and our culture.

• Call Management System
      This system log all inbound and outbound calls and its status
It provides reports that record how many calls attended and how many calls dropped.