Desktop Card Printers

Desktop Card Printers

Desktop Card Printers from NBS offer reliable performance and excellent print quality. From single-sided black and white to dual-sided, full colour encoded cards,

NBS card printers make excellent choices to meet the card printing needs of your business. Choose from our line of Javelin™ and ImageMaster™ printers.


NEW! Javelin Card Printer Range

Javelin J200i


Single and/or dual-sided printing

Full colour and/or monochrome




 Javelin J230


Single and/or dual-sided printing 

Full colour and/or monochrome

Select your card feeding method, single and/or dual-sided printing, full colour and/or monochrome and you have yourself a complete desktop card printing solution.  

Dual-sided card printers

Javelin J430i 

Full colour

Professional-line card printer

Optional Upgrade

Javelin FLX™





ZXP Series 8

 Secure Card Printers


P630i / P640i


Card Design Software




ImageMaster Card Printers

Single-sided card printers

Dual-sided card printers



ImageMaster S-18




 ImageMaster D-40

Our line of ImageMaster card printers can be optionally upgraded to SmartSys Tabletop machine control software to give you enhanced capabilities.


 Desktop Card Embossers


EBE desktop card embossers continue to be industry leaders in quality, reliability and performance.

We offer several optional upgrades to our Advantage brand of desktop embossers such as:

  •     magnetic encoding
  •     smart card
  •     color tipping
  •     indent printing
  •     monochrome thermal printing
  •     automatic card stacking
  •     also supports all Visa and MasterCard security characters, etc.

Our embossers are ideal for environments that are required to produce embossed cards. The Advantage 2000 M1™ is ideal for healthcare settings whereas the Advantage 2000 M2™/M3™are great solutions for the financial market (debit/credit cards).Check out the newest addition to the Ad

vantage family - the Advantage™ M20. When teamed up with our Xpressi ™ software, you have the perfect, and afforadable, solution for financial branch instant card issuance of EMV / chip compliant cards.

Talk to us today about the Advantage that is right for you!


Advantage 2000 M2/M3 

Advantage M20


these embossers can be optionally upgraded to SmartSys Tabletop machine control software to give you enhanced capabilities