"Queuing Systems" improve time management and discipline in public service areas. The systems maintain order and avoid dense queuing at service stations.

Customers receive numbered tickets and are seated in waiting areas. Upon hearing an audio signal accompanied by the display of a ticket number, the customer then can proceed to the available service station. has developed several types of WAM systems to suit different applications and services, thus improving performance efficiency.

This covers all kinds of public service areas such as supermarkets, post offices, traffic control offices, Governmental Services, embassies, Consulates, clinics, Hospitals, banks, fast food restaurants, Airports (passport control) ...etc.

Waiting System : 




 ALVIS Player :

 The Digital Media Player is a highly reliable, IP-based digital media player that handles display and playback of compelling rich digital media.

 E-survey :

A PC based unit with touch screen is used to guide the client to answer some questions and the answers are gathered for later analysis. This application provides the following:

n Attractive & customizable layout.

n Easy to use touch screen input.

n Advertisement Slideshow can be used when idle.



  1. Control Unit: Desktop or rackmount module works as an interface between the PC and all other system units. It includes an audio module for audio announcement.
  2. Operator terminal: Desktop unit connected through flexible cable, used by the operator to call customers, it has 3- digit display for displaying customer number, three selection buttons and four control buttons.
  3. Window display: This unit is attached above the window to show the window number and the current customer number to be served.
  4. Manager display: Used to display the total number of present waiting customers.
  5. Service display: A wall - mount installed in the waiting area (one unit for each service) to display the customer number and the corresponding window number.
  6. Service Select Keypad: Wall mount / desktop unit connected to the ticket printer used by the customer to select the service he wants.
  7. Ticket Printer: Desktop unit to print out the customer Ticket.
  8. Speakers: For audio announcement.