Automation Telegraph

The Egyptian Bureau For Engineering EBE has presented a plan to update the telegraph service for TELECOM EGYPT in 1998.

contract was concluded between EBE and Telecom Egypt to supplying and structures all parts of the project [software & hardware].

the project consists of modern electronics devices like [ALPHA server ] as the main server , switches ,external modems and computers .
the main servers and its spreading network send and receive telegraph messages and saving a true copy of them allover EGYPT in main server.

The modern telegraph networks contains more than 700 telegraph offices spread allover EGYPT to send and receive telegraph messages to get the best service for the customer.

we have presented a program called TAM to be installed on telegraph offices computers and also made the PHONOGRAM NETWORK center which contains more 70 computers to serve the customers in Cairo .

until now EBE perform all maintenance [SW&HW] for that projec .