News Management

How does the editor inform the journalists that they are working together on a story? How does a journalist drag and drop a photo into the copy? How do you know which audio clips are available on your radio playout system?

NewsManager has been designed to provide ergonomic solutions to these questions. Users groups are straightforward to create and simple to uses. Sticky Messages can be attached to stories helping journalists in busy news room keep in contact. Once a story has been written attaching images and or audio/video clips is quick and simple and with an interface to Adobe Photoshop and video editing tools within the application creating a multimedia story has never been easier.         




The core of the management application, the FrontDesk client application allows users to define news groups, automatically collect news items based on IPTC/ANPA fields e.g. Keyword, SLUG, Headline, Priority, Full body text.
To share news stories, track versions, keep text images, graphics and other files together as one story. Searching and retrieval is based on any criteria, and once completed news stories can be pushed to the distributing software.
Edit and format the news for multiple renditions to web, print, document, mobile and MOS platforms. Output of news in the above formats is quick and easy.
Localized versions of the FrontDesk application are available in Arabic, Romanian and Portuguese languages. Other languages can be supported upon user request.